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Art At 95 years old, accomplished painter Philip Pearlstein works religiously every day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm with the same model in his stunning studio in Midtown Manhattan. "Philip Pearlstein: Life Happens" explores his 15-year working relationship with his model, Kika von Kluck. She has been the subject of numerous of his paintings that have been included in the collections of over 70 public art museums. Spending countless hours together, they developed a dynamic of discussing art, history, and his passion for traveling the world from the 1960s to the 2000s. In the film, they also revisit a collection of watercolor paintings and drawings that Pearlstein created while serving in World War II in 1945. He talks about how his passion for art made his stay in war-torn Italy somewhat bearable - and reveals how he started developing his technique while asking for fellow soldiers to pose for him in the fields. After the war, Pearlstein went back to his native Pittsburg, where he befriended Andy Warhol. The two of them moved to New York City together and shared an apartment in Manhattan. Directed by Guto Barra and Tatiana Issa, with Photography by Gustavo Nasr, "Philip Pearlstein: Life Happens" is an intimate portrait of the cherished artist at the twilight of his career. The film also follows the painter and his muse as they survey Philip's impressive collection of thousands of objects and artifacts collected in remote parts of the world. 

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